What is HTTPS?

What is HTTPS?

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In this article, we will focus on the concept of HTTPS. This concept is a protocol just like HTTP. Although it stands for "Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol", it is known as "Secure Text Transfer Protocol" in our language. Basically, security stands out in HTTPS, although both protocols do the same job. It occurs by adding an SSL certificate to the HTTP protocol. In short, it is the encryption of the connection that internet sites establish with texts.

Whenever you want to connect to any site, HTTP receives your request, transmits it to the server and allows you to log in to the site. HTTPS does the same thing. The difference is that when you connect to a site with HTTPS protocol, security measures are heavier and your information can never be read by others.

How Does HTTPS Work?
When you type the name of the website you want to enter in the address bar of any browser, thanks to these protocols, a request is sent to the server and we can access the site as a result of this request. HTTP and HTTPS basically do this. As we mentioned above, there are minor differences. We said that there is an SSL certificate in the HTTPS protocol. This certificate is known as "Secure Socket Layer" ie "Secure Entry Layer" and it was developed by Netscape company. It is also recognized by all web browsers and servers. This certificate is a certificate that confirms that the site is secure. For more detailed information, "What is an SSL certificate?" You can review our article.

HTTPS is a protocol that is especially suitable for paying websites. This has come to a very important position in today's technology, especially with the increase in online shopping habits. HTTPS, a powerful measure against online fraud, is or must be found on all banking sites and online shopping sites. Be careful when sharing information against sites that do not have an HTTPS certificate!

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