What is FTP?

What is FTP?

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FTP, which stands for "File Transfer Protocol", is known as File Transfer Protocol in our language. As the name suggests, it is a protocol used for file transfer. It is a protocol that enables file transfer between two computers connected to the Internet. In other words, the files you want to transfer to your website can be transferred to the servers via FTP. FTP can be accessed from the command line or from the graphics client.

Most of the people who use FTP are those who regularly maintain and transfer files to websites. This protocol provides easy and trouble-free site maintenance. It is also one of the first protocols developed. This protocol continues to be used even though this protocol is a bit behind, as some of the operations that this protocol does can also be performed by http, which is a different protocol. FTP, which is used not only to upload files but also to download files, also allows downloading of large files.

FTP Programs and Usage of FTP
In order to be able to FTP, you need the internet address of the computer you will connect to, a computer with internet access and FTP software. The general use of this protocol is ftp . You will need a username and password when connected to the respective computer. After the connection is completed, file transfer operations are performed with certain commands. The most popular FTP program preferred for these operations is FilleZilla.

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