What is an SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate?

24.4.2021 00:00:00 Writter by: Admin

Online security is an increasingly important issue in recent years. We try to keep our information in the internet world safe both individually and institutionally. However, cyber attacks are also increasing day by day. For this reason, all of the users have started to use systems with extra security measures, or let's say they should at least use them. Information security is among the most sensitive issues of our age.

What is SSL?
This term, translated as "Secure Entry Layer" in our language known as SSL certificate, is one of the systems created for security purposes and we can say that it is the most popular. This system controls the accuracy of site addresses and provides data communication between two points over encrypted channels. Thus, when you actually log into a site, the data exchange between the site and your device takes place over a private, encrypted channel. This basically makes shopping safer. On sites with the required SSL certificate, only authorized persons can view the data after the exchange between the user's web browser and the site's server.

Nowadays, this certificate is preferred especially by e-commerce sites. Although there are many reasons for this, its main purpose is to give very sensitive information of its users to these sites. The passage of this information to fraudsters through malicious software can cause many material and moral negativities. It is good for users to check that the site has the necessary certification before sharing their data while shopping on any site.

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