What is a ping?

What is a ping?

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Internet has become one of the most important parts of our lives. We can handle almost all of our business through websites or mobile applications. For this reason, the quality of our internet directly affects our experience. In general, we measure our internet experience with dowload and upload speed. Although these speeds are important, there is another evaluation criterion. This overlooked criterion is called Ping time.

Due to the increase in online game lovers in recent years, the concept of Ping has entered our lives more. "What is a ping?" We want not to leave any question marks in mind by examining the answer to the question in detail in this article.

What is Ping?
Ping is defined as the reaction time on our internet connection. To further explain this is the time it takes for your device's data to travel to another computer and come back. For this reason, it is something that most online game lovers pay attention to. Ping basically has two purposes; to measure the suitability of the server to which the data is sent and to measure this data roundtrip speed.

The lower the ping time, the higher the quality of your gameplay and the lower the lag. If your ping time is measured as 30 during a game, it means that your data travels to the server and returns within 30 milliseconds. While this time is very happy for you, if your Ping time is measured as 280, you will encounter freezes during the game. You can measure your ping time using the Ping meter. You can test both your internet speed and ping values ​​at https://turk.net/internet-hiz-testi/.

Why Does Ping Happen?
There is a regular data exchange in internet usage. Ping is also something born at the end of this exchange. But Why Does This Ping Happen? There are hundreds of different answers to this question in the internet world. If we look at more frequent and more likely causes than in specific situations, the type of connection is one of the biggest factors in this regard. In other words, connection types such as ADSL, Fiber, 4G all have different Ping values. Even if you say which is the healthiest connection type, Fiber connection is the most happiest connection type in Ping times.

After the connection type, the issue that affects the Ping time the most is the other operations performed from different devices or from the same device over the same connection. For example, if you are watching a movie or TV series from another device while you are playing games, Ping times may be longer if the file is being downloaded.

How to Reduce Ping?
Ping downgrades your internet experience considerably. For this reason, you can reduce your Ping time with a few small moves you can make. The first thing to do is to close all unnecessary programs of the computer you are actively using. For example, if there is a download process at the back while playing games, if your browser is open or another program is running, you can decrease your Ping value by closing them.

At the same time, if there are more than one device using the same internet connection, if you ensure that they do not perform any action on the network while you are playing games, that is, you do not watch TV series from anywhere, your Ping time will decrease again. In addition, when you connect with an Ethernet cable instead of connecting from a wireless network, your Ping time will decrease because you will transfer much stronger data. By paying attention to all these, you can experience a better quality internet experience.

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