What is HTTP?

What is HTTP?

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"Http", a concept we hear a lot of, is a protocol that shows how and in what way information will be transferred from server to user. This concept, which stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol", is known as the "Superior Text Transfer Protocol" in our language. Internet users automatically put this protocol in the search bar, although they are not actively using it.

In fact, in its simplest form, it is the protocol that allows web pages to be viewed. HTTP determines the rules of data exchange between the user's computer and the server. The browser is used to use this protocol. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer are some of these web browsers. With the help of these browsers, when you type the address of the site in the address bar to enter any website, a request is sent to the server via HTTP, and when the server responds to this request, the data of the website comes to you. So you enter the website.

How HTTP Works
There are rules about how data will be exchanged between servers and users in the internet network. The protocol that provides this order is HTTP. So "What does this protocol do for us in daily life?" Even if asked, the connection that enables us to surf the internet and brings the internet sites to us instantly is provided by this protocol.

Let's briefly explain how the system works; You write the address of the site you want to enter into your browser bar, after typing it, a connection request is sent to the site with the help of HTTP. A connection is established with the server of the site that accepts this connection request and you enter the website. If there is no response from the server, you will get some kind of error warning.

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