How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

How Does an SSL Certificate Work?

24.4.2021 00:00:00 Writter by: Admin

SSL certificate, which is a security protocol, has gained extra importance in recent years. With the proliferation of information sharing in the internet world, such security measures have come to the fore. In short, to remember what this certificate is; This system controls the accuracy of site addresses and provides data communication between two points over encrypted channels. Thus, when you actually log into a site, the data exchange between the site and your device takes place over a private, encrypted channel.

Supported by all common web servers and browsers, this protocol requires a private key on the server side and a public key on the client side. Two keys are required for the protocol to work. In fact, these are software coded in a virtual environment. Imagine putting something in a box and locking it with the key you have. You send the box to his friend and he has the same key you have. Only he can open it and see what is in it. In fact, the SSL certificate works exactly like this. There are two keys and no one else can access these data.

After installing the SSL certificate, your key will be generated automatically. This key remains on your server and the other key is sent to the people you want to connect with. Thus, a firewall is installed during shopping.

When you want to get the certificate, there are many providers just like other hosting services. You can get your certificate by choosing a reliable provider that suits you. At this point, the thing to be considered is to choose a certificate according to the nature of your website. You can choose standard SSL for individual sites, Premium SSL for your corporate website, Wildcard or EV SSL if you have an e-commerce site.

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